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#raftChallenge Release Note

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We are happy to announce that Raft Challenge was finally released this week. This is the culmination of 1,5 year of ups and downs, lots of trial and error, and hell of a testing.


Raft Challenge is now available to download from the AppStore.


Raft on iPhone


raft challenge river adventure ipad

Raft on iPad (iOS 11)


The game has come a long way. Our original plan was completely different from the final outcome. At some point, we decided to push this game into 2,5D world. It cost us a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but thanks to that, our users can enjoy a visually stunning game. It’s probably the best looking game developed in SpriteKit ever. Period.

We’re glad we came to an end with such a good result. We’ve learnt hella lot during the development process and we want to share this knowledge with other people. Expect our blog to be filled with future posts about:

– the development process where we show you step-by-step how to create a similar game

– our thoughts and key takeaways from this experience

– quarterly reports that will talk marketing actions and download numbers

Special thanks to our management board who organised the mobile game hackathon and allowed us to develop our first mobile game as a side project at work. And to Kamil Ziętek, Artur Martynowski and Ewelina Łuszczek for all the effort to release this game. But most important, thanks to everyone that has played Raft Challenge so far! This is our first game project and we’re grateful to everyone who supports us and gives us a try. Seeing the game thrive, gives us the motivation to make new developments in the future. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date. There’s so much more you can expect from Cosmic Teapot Games!

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